HPi in the USA

HPi is one of 30+ companies appointed by the EU Commission to issue CE certificates for boats – a “Notified Body”.

In the USA, the NMMA have always promoted the services of just one Notified Body so you might not have known there was a choice. The EU Commission wants so many bodies to ensure pricing and service are competitive. If you have never looked further than this one Notified Body, how can you be sure that you are getting good value for money?

HPi is based in Oxford, England and relatively new to the US market. We have been exhibiting at IBEX for the last 2 years and we now certify products for many manufacturers in USA who have dared to look beyond “the one”. Our clients in USA include Mastercraft, Rinker, Nordhavn, Moeller, the Gibbs QuadSki, Ameri-Kart, Kadey-Krogan, Hydra-Sport, Hacker & Centurion. Outside USA, HPi certifies boats from Colombia to China; from Norway to New Zealand. We certify Fairline, Cheoy-Lee, Pearl, Sealine, Williams Jet Tenders, Oyster, Fleming, Arcona and many, many more.

They can’t all be wrong!

So what makes us different? Well here are some ideas about how we work:

  • We always work on a fixed price, travel included. You can budget without fear of surprises.
  • We do not price per certificate or even per meter of boat length. We price on what we expect the job to cost us. If you can arrange the logistics to minimise our time, you can reduce your certification costs. The more products we certify for you, the cheaper it becomes.
  • We recognise product families and do not demand fees for every member and so we save you more money.
  • We don’t charge annual fees to renew certificates. If the legislation, the standards and the product remain the same, your certificate remains valid for 10 years.
  • We don’t believe in tick-lists. A good CE review can help improve design, production and minimize your exposure to liability claims. Well, if you have to jump over the CE hurdle, you should get a benefit from it.

    Gibbs QuadSki on the water

    Gibbs’ amphibious QuadSki on the water

  • HPi began life as a department in the UK Atomic Energy Authority and issued its first certificate in 1996. UKAEA pioneered risk assessment for engineering so HPi knows how to deal with innovative products that don’t fit tick lists. That is why HPi certifies the most innovative products such as the Gibbs QuadSki.
  • We are small which makes it very easy to reach the decision makers. If you have innovative products, it’s easy to discuss interpretation with us.
  • HPi was the first certification company to offer an online certificate verification scheme for customers and also to combat fake certificates. We were the first to place QR codes on certificates. You can use a phone to scan our certificate and connect directly to the HPi server and see an exact copy of the genuine certificate in seconds. This allows you to check the content of the certificate in your hand without a single click of a mouse, let alone a phone call or email. We’ve invested a lot of money in our IT infrastructure to be able to provide such features.

Are we good at what we do? You might be interested to know that HPi has a CE partnership agreement with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS Group). We are currently working in 9 countries with ABS Group (including USA) and this list is growing.

We think our client list and partnerships say a lot but the bottom line is the bottom line. HPi staff and turnover has grown by 50% in the last 2 years: a time when the rest have shrunk.

There is a good reason. Come and find it!  Contact Us

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