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RCD Design Categories for RIBs

Few topics have created such a stir as how to assign the RCD design category for RIBs.  It is still possible to find RIBs of 5m in category B (offshore) while some 7m RIBs are only category C (inshore).  How can this be? This discrepancy will ultimately be cleared up by...Read More »

Is a certificate valid after a manufacturer closes?

We are often asked what happens to the validity of certificates when a manufacturer closes, particularly when bankrupt and no transfer of ownership results.  This question was posed to the EU Commission for a legal ruling and they have returned with the following:
"The EC type examination certificate for the boat...Read More »

Does a re-built craft need to comply with RCD?

In the early days of the RCD, there was widespread belief that if a craft was altered to a point where it may be considered a different or new boat, then it should be put through the Directive in its new form. Most people subscribed to this interpretation but not...Read More »

Should a boat be declared to the EMC Directive?

In the past, builders did not declare their boats to the EU ElectroMagenetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) on the basis that they were selling a boat not an electrical product.  Boat builders would also say that they buy and fit only CE marked electrical components, so...Read More »

Does a Home Build Boat need a CE mark?

The Directive states: [quote]The following shall be excluded from the scope of this Directive: ........ craft built for own use, provided that they are not subsequently placed on the Community market during a period of five years;[/quote]The first point to note is that the boat is not exempt until 5 years have passed. During...Read More »

Do I need to CE mark my boat if I don't sell it?

Yes! All the CE marking Directives, including RCD, require that a product be compliant when it is first put on the market or when it is first put into service in the [tooltip text=" (EEA = The European Economic Area which consists of all the EU member states + Norway, Iceland...Read More »

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