CE Certification

HPi Verification Services is accredited as a Notified Body to issue certificates for products being CE marked under the 3 directives listed below.

A “CE marking” on a product shows that it conforms to one or more EU Product Directives which allows it access to the entire European market.

If you are new to CE marking, you may wish to watch the EU Commission’s video on CE marking, or download the EU Commission’s brochure on CE marking.

The marking itself should also be backed up by mandatory documentation that will always include a formal Declaration of Conformity made by a manufacturer or his authorised representative (who might be an importer). Europe does not have directives for every kind of product in the market place, only those where the previous legislation of individual member states has proven to be incompatible. In such instances, the national legislation is replaced by the Europe-wide directive. Click here for the full list of directives.

HPiVS is accredited (by UKAS) for the following EU Directives:

Check our authorisation on the EU Commissions’s web site.

If you would like to discuss CE-Marking with us please contact HPiVS.